Shimmering Fortune

Well dressed samurai with a rice patti hat and glowing yellow eyes - god of Severed Lotus


Shimmering Fortune was originally the little god of Potter’s Pond, he applied for the position of city god when the city was first starting before one was absolutely necessary. Because of his forethought, his petition was at the top of the pile and Yu Shan (Heaven) approved his promotion.

As Severed Lotus prospered, Shimmering Fortune grew in both power and influence but so did his city responsibilities. He lost interest in the simple lake, instead preferring the more interesting aspects of his new job. The lake god position was vacant for a short time before a replacement was found.

The Immaculate Order hasn’t had much trouble with this god. He’s received some worship on the side, but he doesn’t actively pursue fostering a cult. He materializes on some holidays and always shows for the city’s Founding Day Festival.

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Shimmering Fortune

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