Cloud's Flowing Soul


Cloud’s Flowing Soul is the little god whose domain is Potter’s Pond, a large lake to the west of Severed Lotus.

There are rumors that the lake god was once a more powerful one who was demoted, for reasons unknown, to this backwater (har har) position. In his early days, the Immaculate Order had frequent problems with him as he tried to expand his influence and even demand worship. After the Immaculate monks issued several beat-downs, he seemed to finally accept his new role as lake god and has been much more manageable since.

When he first inherited his position, his appearance was more regal than it is today. He was a handsome aristocrat adorned with fine, flowing robes and fancy jewelry. As he grew to accept his station, his lower half slowly morphed into muddy clay legs though his torso is still human with a slight blue tint to his skin. He’s always coated in a perpetual sheen of water and his teeth have grown sharp. Now he goes bare chested except for a single golden pendant.

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Cloud's Flowing Soul

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